Saturday, January 5, 2013, 11:03 AM

There’s an app for that (cough)?

It’s only a matter of time before mobile apps are used in the healthcare industry, and to a significant extent.  What does this mean for healthcare real estate development?  “Smarter”, more high tech buildings?  A reduction in patient days per square foot?  Will there be a shift in the type of facilities needed (e.g., more call centers)? 

2013 could be an exciting year in healthcare real estate.  No matter how you dissect it, there will be changes that those in the healthcare real estate arena will have to seriously consider (e.g., the Affordable Care Act, changes in technology), or risk being left behind….

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Mobile health in 2013: From the gym to doctor's office

USA Today | By Ki Mae Heussner, GigaOm | Dec 26, 2012

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