Monday, August 5, 2013, 1:44 PM

A New Wave in Real Estate Investment, or a Beta Test Destined to Flop?

“Not your granddad’s investment model” is a fitting name for Lauren K. Ohnesorge’s article regarding one company’s drive to “shake up” the usual MO for real estate investment.  As our own NellieShipley points out in the article, this model is far from typical.  And, as we know, far from typical tends to bring with it unique (and often unknown) risks.  But, if we all did only what is typical, we’d never progress.  This begs the question, is the potential risk worth the reward?  I believe that we must also ask if this particular MO attract quality developers, such that quality developments are put in the ground?  Read more by clicking here, and decide for yourself.

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